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Missionary Esther Chung (MDiv) from Seoul, Korea
ID AiGS Date 2017-07-04 23:13:39
Title Missionary Esther Chung (MDiv) from Seoul, Korea
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Missionary Esther Chung
AIGS MDiv 2003
I am Esther Chung who entered the M.Div. in 2003. I am a mother of three children and a missionary for international people in Korea. Since 2010, my husband and I have been involving the ministry for international students and for migrant workers through SNPC (Seoul Nations Presbyterian Church) and GFM (Global Fraternal Missions). While SNPC is an international church, GFM is a mission organization that the Lord launched through our couple. These two institutes cooperate and support native ministers in different countries and international seminary students in Korea. My husband is the senior pastor of SNPC and the chairman of the board of GFM.
SNPC is located in Young San, Seoul. It consists of 6 different nationalities including the Philippines, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Korea. Our main activities are usually carried out on Sundays due to members' weekday studies and works. On Sunday there are morning Korean service and afternoon English service. The most important annual event of SNPC is the summer Bible camp when we study the Bible for two-full days. I serve in the areas of interpretation, preaching, lecturing, counseling, and etc.
For GFM, there are three main aims. The first aim is to produce faculty members for overseas seminaries. In fact it is the biggest concern of GFM. Second is to support traveling ministers preaching in the Asian areas where there are no ministers. Third is to support the literature ministry including translation and publishing materials. In this sense, GFM ministry resembles the Langham Partnership International founded by John Stott. So far, GFM has had partnership with native ministers and Korean missionaries in Russia, China, Japan, Nepal, India and the Philippines. And we have already sent two faculty members to the Philippines and Pakistan and expect two more Ph.D. to Myanmar and Nepal this year. Also under GFM, we have current Myanmar shelter ministry for Myanmar's workers and Saturday Vietnam college student ministry in Seoul. For me, after completing my OT doctoral degree, I am going to support continually SNPC and GFM ministry, giving lectures to various groups in and outside of Korea.
God bless you! 

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