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Greetings from Your Alma Mater
ID AiGS Date 2017-06-21 08:45:26
Title Greetings from Your Alma Mater


Dear AiGS/ACTS Alumni

We've just updated our AiGS Homepage and arranged a section for you in which you alumni put some words by yourselves - simply your regards, sharing any memory at AiGS, current ministry information, prayer requests, recent concerns, photos, etc. In any way, here is the right coner for AiGS Alumni family worldwide to prove yourself - "I Am Still Alive!"

For writing words or uploading photos here, "Login" first with your old ID and PW used once at AiGS/ACTS. When you'd like to leave some messages here, please don't forget to let us know your full names, academic program and year graduated, country, and your email address to contact. 

(For example: Burra Raveen Kumar / Th.M. 2015 / India / raveen009@gamil.com ) 

Hopefully your Alma Mater would want to see you one another here, proving "We Are Still Alive" in every coner of Asia and Africa and beyond - in so doing, AiGS/ACTS faimily members worldwide get a good chance not only to share their ministries but also to pray together and play some meaningful roles as one spirit of partnership for the Kingdom of Christ.

Warmest greetings in Christ, 

Ju Hur
이전, 다음, 맨처음, 맨마지막
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