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Student Body Government

  • AIGS Student Body

    AIGS Student Body Government

    AIGS has a ‘Student Body Government’ as a committee of members who represent and discuss activities and other affairs on the students’ behalf. In addition, KESA, which consists of Korean students enrolled in AIGS, also works and contributes to the international fellowship.

    Objectives of the AIGS Student Body Government

    1. 1. To establish and maintain a good relationship between International Students and ACTS.
    2. 2. Initiate teams to help students in academic work—such as to provide required help for papers, presentations, and exams preparation.
    3. 3. Initiate pastoral teams and counseling service for the welfare and growth of the students’ spirituality who seek it.
    4. 4. Hosting various activities for the AIGS students such as Sports, Musical Concerts, Ramen Night, and Cultural Night & Food Festival.

    Function of the AIGS Student Body Government

    1. 1. Represents the general body of AIGS.
    2. 2. The student body is responsible for leading, managing, organizing, and supervising all the events pertaining to the school calendar including the Spring and Fall Spiritual Retreats.
    3. 3. Leading the AIGS outings and the queries of new students.

    Representative of the AIGS Student Body 2024

    The AIGS Student Body consists of a president, a vice-president, a general secretary and a treasurer. The following are the committee members of the Student Body 2024.

          1. President
              Name: James Mwangi Gateri
              Country: Kenya
              Program: M.Div., 2022

          2. Vice-President
              Name: Sujin Cho (조수진)
              Country: Korea
              Program: M.Div., 2022

         3. General Secretary
             Name: Tran Anh Phuong
             Country: Vietnam
             Program: Th.M.(OT), 2023

         4. Treasurer
             Name: Ricky Rasaily
             Country: India
             Program: Th.M.+Ph.D. (ST), 2021
  • KESA Student Body

    KESA Student Body Government

    KESA (Korean English-speaking Students’ Association) is part of AIGS and has a long history as the heart of ACTS. Studying theology in English with other international students provides KESA students with the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and to broaden their horizons. KESA happy to serve our brothers and sisters in AIGS as well as in KESA. John 12:24 is our motto. It says, “I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” We are willing to assist both the Korean and international students as a bridge that connects them.

    Objectives of KESA Student Body Government

    1. 1. Growing not only academically, but also spiritually on the basis of Theocentricism and Evangelicalism.
    2. 2. Learning theology in English in an Asian setting (South Korea) for the purpose of evangelism in Asia.
    3. 3. Experiencing diverse cultures and being prepared as future ministers in a global world.
    4. 4. Being equipped with the Gospel and a mission-centered heart while establishing and maintaining a good relationship with both Korean and International students.
    5. 5. Serving as a bridge between the Korean and international students in ACTS.

    Function of KESA Student Body Government

    1. 1. Representing the general body of KESA.
    2. 2. Attending AIGS meetings and facilitating communication between the Korean and international students in ACTS.
    3. 3. Participating in school events and helping AIGS by coordinating those events
    4. 4. Leading regular meetings for KESA students and having fellowship in Christ.
    5. 5. Building a strong network with KESA alumni through an annual homecoming event.

    We would like to introduce KESA, the community of Korean students studying at AIGS (ACTS International Graduate School).

    1. 1. Definition: KESA is short for Korean English-speaking Students’ Association.
    2. 2. History: Since established in Seodaemun, Seoul in May 1974, ACTS has exclusively inherited a very significant church-historical asset not only for Korea (ACTS is the first international seminary in Korea) but throughout most of the Asian countries. Approximately 280 KESA alumni (1981~2016) have been equipped with a Gospel- and mission-centered heart, and have spread out for “Jesus’ Disciples Movement,” serving evangelical churches all over the world.
    3. 3. Program Description
      1. A. AIGS (ACTS International Graduate School) teaches theology in English for Master/Doctor's degree (Master of Divinity, Master of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy) and provides an opportunity to study with a number of international students with different cultures and nationalities. This program greatly benefits those who desire to be overseas missionaries or to study further in other countries.
      2. B. Students with different majors and backgrounds embrace the Kingdom of God together, not being confined to a certain denomination. This program is exclusively designed and offered by ACTS to enable students to experience a variety of theologies and traditions of the Protestant Church. The majority of KESA members are M.Div students. As of 2023, 7 KESA students are currently studying at AIGS (whereas there are around 70~80 foreign students in AIGS).
      3. C. Having studied abroad, most of the Korean professors with Master/Doctor's degrees are fluent in English as native speakers. They are committed to equipping students not just with academic excellence, but also with sound spirituality. ACTS is planning to invite more competitive Asian full-time professors in the near future.
      4. D. KESA/AIGS shares the same educational philosophy with other undergraduate and Korean M.Div. programs of ACTS, which is “Theocentricism” and “Evangelicalism.” By means of nurturing Asian Christian leaders (professors/pastors/missionaries) trained in Asia (Korea) with the mind of 'Sola Scriptura' and Gospel-centeredness, KESA/AIGS prepares for the evangelization of Asia and the rest of the world.
    4. 4. What are the good points of learning theology in English at AIGS (by being part of KESA)?
      1. A. ACTS has a student exchange program with some renowned American seminaries (e.g., Westminster Theological Seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, etc.). Thus it is possible to earn and transfer credits from one of those seminaries for up to two semesters to complete one’s M.Div program. It also includes tuition benefits. (For more information, please refer to the ACTS website)
      2. B. There are many KESA alumni who serve as current professors at other seminaries like Jung-Suk Lee (President of Torch Trinity Graduate University), Heung Sik Choi (President of Seoul Bible Graduate School), and Gi Mun Sung. In ACTS, there are six professors who are from KESA, namely, Hae Gyeong Jang, Sim Hwa Woo, Heung Ho Jeong, Sang Hwa Han, Hyo Young Ann, and Yun Jeong So. The same doors are likely to open to KESA students who have a vision in academics and research. Above all, some alumni are serving as missionaries abroad (e.g., Sam Seoung Kown in Chiangmai, Thailand, Joanne Haeng Seon So in India, Jae Hyeok Shin in China, and Hyeon Suk Park in Kazakhstan), and some are doing professional ministries in various areas (e.g., Bong Hyun Lee as senior pastor, Ha Mun Cho as a singer, Hui Gyeong Jung as inland missionary, and Gyu Il Kim as a youth pastor).
      3. C. It is possible to exchange cultures and ideas with foreign students who have diverse backgrounds. AIGS Students are from over 20 different countries such as several Asian countries, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Africa, Iran; and many of them have a vision for the evangelization of Asia. KESA students can study with them, and live with them together in the dormitory.
      4. D. The students are provided with ample opportunities to take lectures from world-renowned theologians through AIGS forums besides the regular courses. Thus they can interact with popular theologians by asking questions on the basis of their lectures. Moreover, through these forums some students have gone abroad for advanced studies at the same schools where the theologians teach.
      5. E. KESA students are “still in the making.” With their interest in English, they are improving their language proficiency continually while attending the school. If you hesitate to apply for the English program (KESA) because of the language barrier, no need to worry about it!
      6. F. The professors already underwent the same experiences in studying theology in English/German. That is why they have helped and encouraged Korean students tremendously.
      7. G. KESA students have diverse dreams and visions: professional ministers, missionaries, theological researchers, special ministers for next generation and for finding identity.
      8. H. KESA students maintain a close relationship with each other. They help each other not only in academic areas but also in spiritual areas. In addition, many alumni provide various support to the enrolled students.
      9. I. For such an intimate relationship and unity, KESA has its own student body council (though it still belongs to AIGS), and holds annual “KESA Homecoming Day” events (in November).

    KESA Council Members for 2024 are as follows;

            1. President

           2. Vice-President
                Name: Sujin Cho (조수진)
                Degree: M.Div. 2022

           3. Manager

           4. Treasurer