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ID Lakka Anand Date 2018-04-07 19:18:37
Title Greetings
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My present Photo
Im with my wife Sumitra
my preaching
im delivering the word of God
Greetings to you all in the Name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
I am Anand Lakka, from India. I have completed my Th.M in Systematic theology at ACTS University in 2016. 
       It was my great privilege and I consider this as golden opportunity for me to study at ACTS. After completion of my M.Div from India, i had a strong desire to pursue my higher studies in systematic Theology in an evangelical university where I can be equipped for the kingdom of God with a strong evangelical Theology. as I was praying continuously one of my professors in India had shared about ACTS university, hence i applied to ACTS and by God's grace i was granted the admission in 2013 to pursue Th.M in systematic Theology.

       After coming to ACTS i have seen greater changes in my life i.e. spiritual, physical and so on. I had learned allot about God and missions as all the professors emphasized on Missions always. And also the professors helped me to learn deeper things in Theology as well. The University helped me to become Christ centric and Mission oriented. I had a very blessed life ACTS.    

I am so Thankful to ACTS president, and also Theology department professors Dr. Han Sang Hwa, Dr. KIm Jae Yoon, and also my Mentor Dr. Chong Hung Yul for all their valuable teachings which helped to become a better person and also a servant of God. 
I am thankful to our former Deans Dr. Han Young Lee for his fatherly love to us, Dr. Chong Hong Ho, Dr. Daniel Kim.

Ministry Report    
I was graduated in August 2016, and soon after that i have come back to India. And I started involving in ministry actively. I was going for evangelism meetings to preach in different places and different churches. I have been conducting bible studies for university students and elders as well. Conducting special seminars for youth. And also teaching in seminary as well for part time. God has been enabling me to do all these for His glory alone.
At present I’m living in the city called Bangalore, one of the metro cities in India, and I got married to Sumitra Behera on 16th December 2017. And now we have started church ministry to reach out the unreached people.

Prayer Points
1. Please pray for us as we started our new journey of our life
2. Please pray for our newly started ministry in Bangalore to reach out the unreached
3. Please pray that God would give us the wisdom and strength and courage to face all the challenges in ministry
4. please pray for our country India, as of now we are facing lot of persecution from the government since the rulers are Hindu fanatics, they are disturbing the church services, burning the churches and creating lot of troubles to the missionaries, pastors and also for the believers with the agenda to make India as Hindu nation
5. please pray that God will use our family effectively for His Glory

Special thanks to the present dean Dr. Hur JU for taking initiative to know about our updates
Once again thanks allot to ACTS university for training me
God bless ACTS
we are always praying for ACTS

with Best Regards
In Christ's Servie
Anand Lakka (2016)
email:  anandlakka777@gmail.com

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