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Hoang Thi Hong Nga (MDiv) from Vietnam
ID AiGS Date 2017-06-13 16:49:17
Title Hoang Thi Hong Nga (MDiv) from Vietnam
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My Study & Story at AIGS/ACTS

Hoang Thi Hong Nga  (M. Div. 2014~16) from Vietnam

One idiom says “travel broadens mind”, this idiom somehow is quite making sense to me during my three years of the journey at AIGS/ACTS. Knowing about ACTS and studying at ACTS is the blessings from God to me. Before I set my foot on this beautiful campus to start an unimaginable journey, I was impressive with the goal of evangelization of Asia and the history of ACTS in training the mission-oriented global leadership as well as the beauty of this campus.

Before coming to ACTS, I had no idea about what theology is and what would I study here in three years. The only thing I knew that I would study the Bible. Going to Korea also the first time for me to go abroad. But the Lord is faithful and gracious to me. When I landed in Korea, He provided one missionary who is a friend of my Vietnamese sister to pick us up at the airport and sending us all the way to the campus in Yangpyeong. My first impression of the campus is the stone in the main gate which records the history and vision of ACTS, I had a feeling that here is the place where I would have an important turning point in my life. The campus was so massive and beautiful to me. I and my friend just standing in front of the mission building, imagining of the time we will be spending here, everything was so excited for us. Spring spiritual retreat was the first time we witnessed the passion of worshipping the Lord of the Korean and international students. The atmosphere was so amazing and I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Every worship time, every sermon, and testimony were so much touching to my heart. All of us were prepared through the Spiritual retreat to get ready for the new semester to come.

Studying three years at AIGS/ACTS, there are four things that I really impress about my school. First, I love ACTS because of its goal which is evangelizing Asia. During the time of forty-three years from being established, ACTS is faithful to its goal from the beginning. ACTS has been training many generations of missionaries, pastors, ministers, church leaders, professors from many countries of Asia and Africa. Studying in ACTS, knowing its history, many up and down, many difficulties, God has been protecting this school and using many faithful and devoted servants to continue the mission of ACTS. I am grateful to ACTS for faithfully and wholeheartedly training, supporting the international students including myself.

The second thing is the faculty of ACTS who are tremendous excellent scholars but, humility and loving to all the students. I remembered first semester studying at ACTS was a great challenge to me and to all the non-native English speaking students as well. Many of us had to read the books with the English dictionary together. All the terminologies and vocabularies were so new to us. I tried to pay attention to the lecture of Professors in the class even recorded it to listen again because I could not understand all the lectures. Nevertheless, all the professors are so patient and kind to all of us. They have been loving us, encouraging us, teaching and correcting us and being an example for us as a faithful servant of God. Above all, I know that our professors have been praying for us and our countries every day. In their concerning to us as the students who are living far from the homeland, professors used to invite us to their house for fellowship or took us for some field trips or picnic. Nevertheless, in the academic area, professors have been serious and strict in their requirement of studying such as assignment and paper in order to train us becoming well-educated in academic in our theological study.

Studying at AIGS/ACTS, we have more than eighty students from twenty-two different countries. However, AIGS is a family in Christ which is unity in diversity. As you can imagine, there are many exciting things in a community where you can contact many people from different cultures and backgrounds. I had a great time to be with my roommates, classmates, and schoolmates. Learning from friends who come from different cultures has opened my eyes to see the world which I haven’t ever had an opportunity to discover. Sometimes, conflict and misunderstanding might happen, but it was really a chance for me to learn how to understand and love people who God put around me.

The last thing but important is the spiritual training and discipline. Studying at ACTS, my spiritual life has been disciplined to build me a habit of praying to God and reading the Bible faithfully. ACTS has the dawn prayer meeting and chapel four days per week to help all students have the blessed time with God. Through the lives of my professors, I have learned one thing that I should live out the Gospel, the theology that I have studied. I deeply understand that only the people who had been changed by the Word of God can influence the people and the world just as our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us: “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14).

Time has been flying so fast, three-year studying at ACTS was one of the most blessed time in my life that God had granted me. I believe that God had prepared me for a purpose by sending me here. Three years of journey with God, three years of witnessing how much God is gracious to me and my friends. Though this journey is rough with many struggling and difficulties, however, in the end of it, my heart was full of gratitude to my Lord, , to ACTS, to all professors, my Church, my family, and friends for being with me through the path. Studying at AIGS/ACTS will always be my most beautiful, precious and blessed time in my life.
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