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Philosophy of Education

Purpose of Foundation

ACTS is an international, evangelical university, founded through an united effort of the churches in Asia. The founding purpose of ACTS was “to build new church and society in Asia” (according to ACTS Corporation Article).

Acknowledging that it is through mission, the churches and societies in Asia can be transformed and renewed, ACTS established “Evangelization of Asia” as its motto some 40 years ago.

To meet this goal, ACTS has trained numerous men and women for the propagation of the Gospel to Asia and other parts of the world through theological research and mission education.


Philosophy of Education

Theocentrism and Evangelicalism are the foundational concepts of ACTS education. Theocentrism is an idea that the one and only God, who is true and sovereign, created the heavens and earth, that He directs, sustains, and preserves all creation and history, and that all things are related to Him and destined to fulfill His purposes.

Evangelicalism is a theological position that believes, confesses, and proclaims the foundational truth of forgiveness of sins by grace, salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone, and the basic doctrines of the Bible, such as inerrancy of the Bible, divinity of Christ, virgin birth of Christ, bodily resurrection of Christ, and supernatural second coming of Christ.

In accordance with the historical confession of Christian faith, ACTS accepts as the central truth of theology and spirituality that the one and only true God as revealed in the Bible is the one who saves and renews human beings from sin and death through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.
As an ecumenical (unified church) institute, ACTS holds communion with any brethren or denominations which abide by the confession and teachings of the apostles of Jesus Christ in conformity with the Bible.

Goals of Education

In order to fulfill the vision of “training mission-oriented global leaders,” ACT has established the following three goals:

  1. To equip the ministers of the gospel with faith and knowledge: As Christians who are born-again by believing the gospel of Jesus Christ, the students are nurtured to live a godly life on a daily basis and to continually cultivate themselves in personal character, in general education, and in major field of scholarly interest.
  2. To provide mission specialists with international insight: Students are nurtured toward an international awareness in this age of information and globalization in order to contribute to the welfare of their church, nation, and humanity.
  3. To raise Christian leaders to guide this generation: Students are nurtured to understand and reflect the ethos and demand of this age in light of Christian worldview.
Education Philosophy