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Thesis Registration & Guidelines for Proposal

  • Oral Defense Procedures

    Oral Defense Procedures

    A candidate who needs to take oral defense should follow the due dates and deadlines. Those who fail to meet the due dates may be withheld from the oral defense. His/her oral defense will be postponed to the next semester. Hence, any candidates should get the information from the AIGS Registrar’s office at the beginning of the semester.

  • Plagiarism


    AIGS considers plagiarism a serious offence against the seminary’s integrity and moral code. Thus, students must be careful and avoid any such temptations. Students must keep their own integrity and rightly acknowledge another’s contributions in writing. Failure to acknowledge another’s contribution or to rightly cite source(s) will result in disciplinary action; in some cases, it may result termination of the degree program. See also the section entitled ‘Covenant of Community & Honor System’.

  • Copykiller


    AIGS provides a software called COPYKILLER. Every AIGS student has access with his/her student ID to log in and to find the percent of similarities between his/her work with their resources. It is the best way to check one’s original work and to avoid plagiarism. More information can be downloaded from https://actsgrad.copykiller.co.kr/.