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Medical Health Insurance

  • School Regulations
The Health Insurance is MADATORY for all enrolled AIGS International Students. It is required by the Ministry of Education of Korea that every international student MUST have a medical insurance. Hence, all new students must prepare their financial resources to support their medical insurance. 
  • National Health Insurance Corporation
All International Students MUST sign up for the Korean National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) under our Government regulations from March 2021. Insurance costs will be around 120,000 won per month, and the discount rate will be applied to international students. 
Application Eligibility
  • Those who have student visa (D-2) can be eligible to apply NHIS right after their arrival in Korea.
  • Once a foreign resident has National Health Insurance, the resident's spouse and children (under 20 years) can receive the same benefit from the NHIS.
Required Documents
  • Passport
  • Foreign Registration Card (Alien Registration Card)
Other Important Information
  • Foreigners forfeit their health insurance if they travel outside Korea and fail to pay the monthly fee.
  • Student (D-2) Visa holder’s insurance is half the cost of the Korean regional membership holders.
  • Every hospital in Korea accommodates people registered with the NHI or with a private Korean health insurance company.