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Applicant’s Sole Responsibility for Scholarship & Funds

S.No. Specifics M.Div. Th.M. Th.M.+ Ph.D./Ph.D.
1 Academic Scholarship (minimum GPA 3.0) US $ 2,000 US $ 2,000 US $ 2,000
2 32 Hours Work & Study Scholarship US $ 2,000 US $ 2000 US $ 2,000
3 Church Matching Fund US $ 2,400 US $ 2,400 US $ 2,400
4 Registration US $ 600* US $ 600* US $ 600*
Total US $ 7,000 US $ 7,000 US $ 7,000
* Students must pay both US $300 as Registration Fee and US $ 1,200 as Church Matching Fund every semester unless any sponsors (family or church) would cover them.

(1) Academic Scholarship and (2) 32 Hours Work & Study Scholarship can be applied for all new and continuing international students. For this purpose, all enrolled international students MUST submit the application form for both Academic Scholarship and 16 Hours Work & Study Scholarship to the AIGS Office each semester by March 31 and by September 30. If a student fails to fulfill this condition and requirement during the semester, he/she will be asked to pay the amount at the end of the semester.
(3) The Church Matching Fund is the sole responsibility of AIGS students to meet the requirement of the church matching fund of $2,400 or 2,400,000 won a year. Students should provide detailed information of the sponsoring church and the responsible person(s) to the AIGS office. Further, the AIGS office will also contact the related church in regard to the church matching fund. However, it is the students’ sole responsibility to be in contact with the church to meet the requirement. If you do not have a sponsoring church, you are to receive help from current students to find a church in Korea to serve on Sundays and to obtain the Church Matching Fund. The AIGS office also diligently seeks sponsoring churches. And in case of availability, the committee will communicate with such students in need.

(4) Registration Fee is an essential financial requirement for AIGS students. All such students should meet the Registration Fee of $300 or 300,000 won per semester. The Registration Fee is payable at the beginning or the end of every semester. It is the students’ sole responsibility to meet the requirement before the due date. In the event of failure to pay the Registration Fee, the student’s status will be in jeopardy and he/she cannot obtain academic records and cannot obtain a room for the next semester.
Note:     School fees are shown in US dollars to make easy to calculate for international students. One dollar is           equivalent 1,000 Korean won (although market value is a bit higher). Thus, for AIGS office use: US                   $ 100 is equivalent 100,000 Korean won and US $ 1,000 is equivalent One million Korean won.