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  • 1968 Asian church leaders gathered in Singapore with a vision to establish a theological institution in order to train Asian Christian leaders in Asia.
  • 1974 Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission (ACTS) was established in Seoul, Korea.
  • 1977 ACTS was accredited by Korean Ministry of Education and was authorized to function (1) as a research center and (2) as an agent in cooperation with other institutions, domestic and foreign, for the purpose of assisting education in Asia.
  • 1979 ACTS was evaluated by the Asia Theological Association (ATA), the coordination agency among evangelical theological schools in Asia, and received accreditation for the Th.M., M.A. and M.Div. programs.
  • 1982 The Korean government granted ACTS accreditation to begin an undergraduate program with two departments, namely Theology and Asian Studies. It was in the fall of 1984 that ACTS expanded the D.Min. program, offering it in both English and Korean.
  • 1986 The Korean government accredited ACTS to start a graduate program with a Th.M. and M.A. in Asian Studies, and in 1990, a Th.D. program in Theology and an undergraduate program in Missions. In the same year, Fuller Theological Seminary accredited ACTS to start a Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss.) program.1
  • 1992 The Korean government authorized ACTS to start a M.A. program in Christian Education. ACTS opened Theology and Missions departments for evening courses in the undergraduate program in 1995, the Mission Graduate School in 1998, and Departments of Mission Language and Christian Education in 1999. Also in 1999, ACTS was authorized to start the Graduate School of Education. The Graduate School of Counseling opened in 2001.
  • 2001 ACTS received an ‘excellent’ evaluation grade from the Korean Council of University Association [KCUA] in the field of general education courses.
  • 2002 The Korean government authorized ACTS to start the Graduate School of Social Welfare and the Continuing Education Center in 2003.
  • 2004 Library Building was newly constructed and opened in March. Language Institute of ACTS also opened in September.
  • 2005 ACTS received an excellent evaluation from the Korean Council of University Association in three areas – ‘Development Planning & Vision,’ ‘Education & Social Service,’ and ‘Students and Professors/Staffs.’
  • 2010 Student Center with Café as an independent building opened in October.
  • 2013 ACTS was authorized to launch a new undergraduate program in March – ‘Department of Christian Chinese Studies.’
  • 2013 ACTS Chapel was reconstructed and opened in August accommodating 1500 people.
  • 2014 ACTS was certified in August as a member of ACSI (Association of Christian School International) offering ‘ACSI’ Certificate as Teacher Education Program. In addition, ACTS was re-certified as a well-qualified university under the general evaluation by the Korean Council of University Association in December.
  • 2015 ACTS renamed two undergraduate programs and reorganized five departments as follows: Department of (1) Theology, (2) Intercultural Studies & Social Welfare, (3) Christian Education & Counseling, (4) English and Global Studies and (5) Christian Chinese Studies. Thus, ACTS had five undergraduate Departments and six Graduate Schools in Korean programs except AIGS – (1) Graduate School (2) Graduate School of Theology, (3) Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, (4) Graduate School of Education, (5) Graduate School of Counseling, (6) Graduate School of Social Welfare.